Editor’s Note – August 2018


We’ll get right to the point: The five auction houses offering cars on the Monterey Peninsula have listed – to date – 134 Porsches for sale. That’s not a record however; one year quite recently had nearly two dozen more. But then this is early August and at least two of these houses are still accepting consignments.

To us, however, seeing 134 Porsches listed on these “pages” is not the only story. Bonhams, David Gooding, and RMSotheby’s have assembled some of the finest, highest quality, most significant automobiles offered in one community perhaps ever. And at some of the highest estimates perhaps ever.

For example, as we reviewed not only the Porsche offerings but also those for other marques, we discovered something that startled us. Of 135 cars that Bonhams has to offer, 29 of them listed their low estimate at $500,000 and up from there. The value of those cars – at low bid –is $33,775,000. David Gooding offers 149 cars with 64 of them estimated to sell for $500,000 or more. His total comes to $138,250,000. And RMSotheby’s has set $500,000 or greater “low” estimates on 60 of their 150 vehicles. That represents $165,200,000. The three house total – if only those cars sell and only at low estimate – is $337,225,000, a third of a billion U.S., if only 152 cars sell out of their 434 available. Mecum Auctions probably have that many more cars themselves. (Please see the lists of vehicles offered; it’s the final story in this issue.)

It tells us the cars have come out of hiding.

Will the buyers?

Please take a look at Kevin Watts’ thoughtful piece looking ahead to the auction that appears just after this Editor’s Note.

If the numbers make you dizzy, we hope you will enjoy our two other features. First up Sean Smith acquaints you with a musician you may have heard of and  – in this, the first installment of a two part story – introduces you to his car, the striking SC Targa you see at the top of this page. Sean will present the rest of the story in our September issue – teased with some photos at the end of this first half of the story and adventures to come.

The 911S you see here in beautiful light reintroduces us to Randy Wells’ two-part profile on Chuck Miller. Here in the conclusion, you’ll read more of his exploits and see more of his car.  

If you’re heading to Monterey for the weeklong activities, have safe travels. If you plan to bid, we wish you good luck. And, as always, thanks for reading us.

Randy Leffingwell

Editor, Road Scholars Magazine

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