Editors Note: November 2017


Editors Note:

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Most of us have good reasons to be thankful, not least of which are family, friends, and Porsches. We hope the coming holidays find you celebrating each of these.

To get you started, and because for most of us very few days (if not minutes) pass without music in our lives, we bring you a tale of three music “makers” and their passion for their work and for their Porsches. Our East Coast contributor Sean Smith introduces us to these individuals whose ideas and products have become an integral part of the music we enjoy.

Then we take a look at a grueling drive four Swiss racers undertook 50 years ago this month, sprinting for 96 hours around the Monza banked oval track in northern Italy. During this time, stopping only for every 90-minute scheduled driver and tire changes, fuel and oil replenishment, they lapped the oval 4,735 times to set more than a dozen speed and distance records. It was an amazing testament to the durability of these four men and a single 1968 Typ 911R coupe.

In our coming December issue, we will have some holiday gift book recommendations and a few nice surprises for you. In the meanwhile, enjoy this coming holiday and remember the immortal words of so many moms: “Wait! You can still breathe? Eat more!”

Thanks for reading us.

Randy Leffingwell, editor.

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