Good vibes upon return from DRT

With good fortune from Mother Nature, congratulations to everyone involved for their efforts in pulling off a great Porsche weekend at Das Renn Treffen.  Those of us in the industry understand you have to move mountains to make such an event happen, and hats off to all involved for the growth they’ve experienced in just 5 years.  Keep up the good work in Miami!
Whether an enthusiast, collector, or in the Porsche industry I suggest you make it to DRT in 2020 if you have not been.  I know we all have a lot going on throughout the year, and plenty of car weeks to choose from as we plan our travel, but DRT gives you four to five days of events and a different chill vibe versus other annual options.  Of course we all know Miami is a huge car market, but the Porsche constituency in southern Florida is real, my friends.  Historically a car culture focused on super cars, outlaws, and not more vintage than an SC … this year I felt a trend coming where early 911s and even 356s are going to be very popular on SoBe.  Certainly not going to replace Miami’s current car climate, but I think people are seeing more vintage Porsches trickle into southern FL. and learning exactly what they are and represent for Porsche.  Quite honestly experiencing, perhaps for the first time, that these older Porsches are really cool.  The only kicker … A/C 🙂
Florida is not a bad place to be in February, but more importantly simply a great opportunity to spend time with friends around the cars.  Can I nit-pick the pros and cons throughout the week, sure we can talk, but at the end of the day just want to thank DRT for their hospitality and making us feel very welcome.  We look forward to next year and once again being a small part of what is becoming an enormous event.

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