What Happened to the Embarrassment of Riches?


Editor’s Note:

I hope that by the time you see this March issue, a number of you who came to Los Angeles for the annual literature and swap meet – or Trash & Trinkets as a good friend calls it – you also will recognize the structure shown at the top of the page in this photo Randy Wells made on opening night. This is the Petersen Automotive Museum and it is home to The Porsche Effect. You’ll read about this exhibition inside this issue. As a regular contributor, Wells spent time there on opening day, starting with the media briefing in the morning and ending with the scene that evening for its debut party.   One real value – to me – of Randy’s coverage of the day and the show is that, were you not able to get to LA over March 3rd weekend, Randy’s photos and text may inspire you to add time on your next visit so you can see this show.   The other feature in this March issue gives Sean Smith – our East Coast correspondent, if you will – a chance to introduce you to another way of thinking about the Typ 912. If you read our February issue, Smith introduced you to Stephen Grisanti. You’ll renew your acquaintance in this story and while it may reset your perspectives on the 912, it will firm them up on Mr. Grisanti.   We finish this issue with auction preview information for Amelia Island and with results from the sales surrounding Retromobile in Paris in early February.   I just returned home from two weeks work in the Porsche Archiv in Zuffenhausen. It’s winter there – we had a six-inch snowfall one day while I was there (I know, I know, some of you live in areas where that’s considered “just a light dusting.”) What winter does in Germany (and your areas as well) is keep interesting older cars put away for the winter. But Sunday, February 25 when I landed here at LAX, I drove up I-405 alongside a couple in a 356C Cabrio, top down. And I had no luck at all keeping up with a black 993 S Coupe on US 101 as it sliced through the San Fernando Valley.   Everywhere we possibly can live there are risks and benefits. And if we’re very fortunate, there’s a car – or more – in the garage that calls to us the minute the weather cooperates. I wish for every one of our readers an early and a very long spring.   In the meanwhile, thanks – again – for reading us.                 

        Randy Leffingwell, editor

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