July Editor’s Note


It’s summer, and while this could be The Driving Issue, this one has become more the “think about your driving” issue. A number of voices weigh in this month, with Kevin Watts leading off with advice and admonition on being too hasty with that collector car purchase. Regular contributors Richard Newton and Randy Wells advise us to watch our gauges and pay attention to the wheels on which we’re driving. We have a couple of recent classic summertime escapist books to recommend. Then Sean Cridland talks about the ultimate summertime run–up to the top of Pike’s Peak. Finally we suggest a couple of new travel destinations for you.

We also introduce a new technological wrinkle for the magazine – easily downloadable and/or printable stories. We’re trying this first on Mind Your Gauges and on Wheels of Fortune. One click will get you versions to store elsewhere in your reading device or to print out on paper. Please let us know if this works easily for you and it if is something you find useful.

Now, finish reading our magazine and then sneak out early and go drive your great car!

Randy Leffingwell
Editor, Road Scholars Magazine

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