July Editor’s Note


It’s summer. So much so that the annual PCA Porsche Parade looms large on the calendar this month. Scheduled to open Sunday 9 July in Spokane, Washington, it runs through the 15th with the typical variety of activities each parade provides its attendees.

We mention the parade particularly because in this issue Randy Wells introduces us to Bill Morris, a neurosurgeon who lives in Tacoma at the other end of the state. Through Randy, you will read about Bill’s 944 which Bill is taking to the Parade in Spokane in hopes of doing well in the concours Preservation Class.

The other annual event this issue celebrates as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Sean Cridland, who last year gave us both the history of the event in our June issue (June 2016) and a wrap up last July, brings us up to date on what happened on the Colorado mountain this year. It had its drama, and Sean’s account and his photos will tell you all.

Lastly, we again monitor the auction scene – those accomplished and Monterey, the next big annual automobile event on our calendars. In our August issue we will look carefully at all the sales opportunities coming to the region, and recount what happened at other significant sales around the collector world as well.

Thanks, again, for reading us. Happy summer!

Randy Leffingwell

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