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August usually wraps up the auction year but we have a 70th anniversary pop-up auction by RM/Sotheby’s at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta(PECATL) on October 27th. Many considered Rennsport the conclusion of the 70th Anniversary celebration by Porsche but RM convinced them to have one more party in the ATL.
After looking at all the lots and having my guys look them over (I’m still banned from RMSotheby’s after Monterey’s pre-view, LOL) we can only conclude a few good options along with a lot of average cars. Road Scholars has sold a few of the cars in this auction in years gone by, so most of you reading this would have seen them in our inventory; so we can glaze over those and hit those that appear to be a well represented example of the mark.

1.Lot 173 1958 Speedster
This would be a nice solid start to a restoration and the “patina doesn’t lie”.
2. Lot 175 1973 RS 3rd Series LWT
Excellent, painstaking restoration done to a very high level but a 3rd series car with no LWT pieces. 
3. Lot 177 1993 RS America
This car recently sold for around $145K in NY but in a rare color. We will see if he cashes in.
4.Lot 179 1996 RS
Nice low mileage example. 
5. Lot 183 2011 GT3 RS 4.0
Average mileage, ex-Sienfeld automobile, with a stupid estimate, this is a fun car to watch!
6. Lot 196 1985 959 Paris-Dakar
Rare, historic rally car. Should be interesting but estimate seems way too high.
7. Lot 202 1992 RS
The lowest mileage we’ve seen so maybe low estimate?
8. Lot 220 2018 911 Project Gold

Who Knows? Proceeds to charity, but this car can’t be registered for road use; so it’s a nice paperweight for someone needs a tax write off. 

The big variable is going to be who shows up? While RMSotheby’s have some good cars most of these are average and nothing is really rare enough to make the Big Gun’s show up. Historically the “Factory” sales haven’t broken many records and this looks to be just more of the same. Looks to me like a few people with no reserve are going to get skinned but one or two of the lots may ring the bell! Simply put, many people are Porsche’d out after a long year of celebration’s and the enthusiasm has started to fade

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