March Editor’s Note


Welcome to the second issue of Road Scholars Magazine. In this we will offer you a thoughtful look at our car hobby from former auction specialist (and then founding curator of the Mullin Automotive Museum) Andrew Reilly. Elsewhere in this issue you will read long-time Los Angeles Times and Robb Report automotive journalist Paul Dean on restoring a bit of his own automotive history. We’ll give you books to consider as well. And we’ll wrap up this issue with a wrap up of the auction activities at Scottsdale this past January.

Cam Ingram and Kevin Watts admit that auction season is a favorite of theirs. “Our service shops fill up quickly,” Ingram said, “because we get to see what cars our clients just bought and help to sort them out!”

We heard from a number of you after our first effort. We’re grateful for your comments and your kind compliments. Just like sorting out a car purchase, we will continue working to provide you interesting stories to read and images to look at. Please let us know how you think we are doing and what you think we can do to improve.

Thank you!

Randy Leffingwell
Editor, Road Scholars Magazine

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