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Issue : November 2015

Timeless Grace

Cruising the high desert and mountain roads of New Mexico in the 1951 Split-Window Pre-A 356, one almost forgets what year it is. Though the car is slow and imprecise by today’s standards, there’s so little traffic one forgets what year or even decade it is. The...

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November Editor’s Note

Some months back, we published a story titled Remember When the Car Hobby had Seasons? The traditional ones - summer and fall - are in retreat. The next car season - of indoor new model introductions or collector shows, and of seemingly around-the-clock cable TV...

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Hibernation is for Bears, not Cars

You shouldn’t put your car in hibernation. You should be driving your car. You need to drive it at least once a month - every month. You’re going to ignore this advice. You’re going to tell me it’s cold in the winter and there is salt on the road blah, blah, blah....

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