Specs and history.

1955 marked the last year of production for the Porsche pre-A 356 (1950-1955) and the 25th anniversary of the German company.  For this model year, Max Hoffman, the principle importer of Porsches into the US at the time, convinced Porsche to use a name instead of a number.  He was convinced that Americans wanted to buy cars with names like, “BelAir” or Fairelane.  So in the spirit of American marketing, Porsche began putting a “Continental” script on the fenders of this model. This 1955 Coupe (#52866) is a very early Continental.  It was the 21st car built and was finished on December 14, 1954. The Kardex confirms that the car is a numbers-matching example with Engine number 33975 and transmission 47774 HF5.