The Last Speedsters


 Photography by: Brian Rozar

The 356 Speedster will always be a Porsche and cultural icon, much like the 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS. It’s an intrinsically cool design that will continue to transcend markets with each generation of Porsche collectors. The 356 Speedster is an outlier; attracting buyers who are not necessarily Porsche connoisseurs, but rather, individuals who are simply interested in making a statement. Because of its cultural resonance, the 356 Speedster has been owned by celebrities and featured in so many movies. The ultimate culmination is naturally, the rare Carrera Speedster variant. Its place in the Porsche pantheon is undoubtedly secure.

The Carrera Speedster in GS (touring) or GT (racing) trim represents the top of the food chain. After all, Porsche only manufactured 154 Carrera Speedsters, in any variety, out of the total production of 4,145 units.

In 1959, the Porsche factory assembled a final thirty-one GT Speedsters with the special 1,588 cc Typ 692 engines. Only a handful of these cars were delivered with the new, plain bearing engine. After a few last minute special orders, Porsche also delivered seven cars from these last thirty-one GTs with 1600cc Super pushrod engines. All thirty-one Speedsters featured state of the art racing technology from the time period and were considerably lighter than the production cars, thanks to the use of aluminum panels.

We are pleased to offer these two pinnacles of 356 Speedster development in a lovely photo montage.  A rare occurrence, for sure!
1959 Porsche Carrera GS/GT Speedster VIN 84954 (Red) – The very last 356 Speedster ever produced.
1959 Porsche 356a GS/GT Speedster VIN 84933 (Silver) – One of Seven and last push rod GT ordered by Carl Block

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