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Porsche UnexpectedPORSCHE UNEXPECTED: Discoveries in Collecting is a three-year labor of love by co-owner Cam Ingram.  Along with co-author Randy Leffingwell and photographer Michael Furman, Ingram has spent the last few years meticulously researching the world of classic car collecting.

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PORSCHE UNEXPECTED explores the “how” and “why” of collecting. It presents strategies and concepts that apply to individuals with two cars considering adding a third and to those who have hundreds of objects and seek to make sense of what they have, to better focus their collection, and to add or reorganize sensibly.

The text, written by Randy Leffingwell and Cameron Ingram and based on broad research and dozens of interviews, makes clear that the end result of building a collection may be something unexpected.

PORSCHE UNEXPECTED illustrates these collecting principles with examples from the Ingram Collection in North Carolina.

Michael Furman’s elegant studio photography shows these uncommon Porsches as enthusiasts have never seen them before. 

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