Editor’s Note – December 2017

Welcome back. We hope you survived American Thanksgiving with all its dining table temptations.  For our December issue, Randy Wells introduces up to an autocross master with a sixth sense for chassis set up and the best line through the turns. You have Part 1 this month. You’ll see the second half in January. We […]

The Year 2017 is in My Rear View Mirror

My 10 month cancer vacation is over and I got back to work with more questions about the classic car market than ever. Let me explain what I think I see going on in the market. It would seem a lot of collectors were in it just for a return on their investment. Others bought […]

THE MASTER – Porsche Autocross Legend Dwight Mitchell (Part 1)

“We knocked some dust off today,” the 77-year old Dwight Mitchell states matter of factly as he climbs out of his old Porsche warhorse. Minutes earlier a California sunset lit up a dusty parking lot disturbed only by the Signal Orange 1971 911T driven sideways at all times.   Both the driver and car are […]

Holiday Book Ideas

While we list only three books, there are many others to consider this holiday season and into 2018. These are three that caught our eyes. Porsche 911 The Ultimate Sports Car as Cultural Icon; Ulf Poschardt. Gestalten, Berlin, 2017 240 pages. ISBN: 978-3-89955-687-2. (Translation by Colin Shepherd.)   This is a wonderful end-of-the-day read, a […]

Previews for the Arizona Auctions in January

This is strictly a preliminary view of some of the more interesting Porsche vehicles that the auction houses will offer in Arizona. Lot numbers and estimates are still to be determined. In our January issue we will look closer at these lots, have photos to accompany the most important cars, and we’ll include any additions […]