Editor’s Note – December 2017


Welcome back. We hope you survived American Thanksgiving with all its dining table temptations.  For our December issue, Randy Wells introduces up to an autocross master with a sixth sense for chassis set up and the best line through the turns. You have Part 1 this month. You’ll see the second half in January.

We also take an advance look at the significant Porsches already listed for auction in January in Arizona. The treasure so far appears to be a 1958 Typ 550A Spyder at Bonhams. This was a factory run car with podium finishes at Le Mans and elsewhere. In January, we bring more details, photos, and additions to the car inventories available.

Finally, we offer you a trio of books worth gifting to yourself this season after you’ve been generous to everyone else. The first takes an engaging look at Porsche’s cars and its history. The second introduces you to Peter Falk, a man we know by name but not fully by his accomplishments until now. And finally, the third gives us an inside look – literally – at the cars we know, love, and may actually own!

Next month, we will talk about three new books coming in February and March. These should be available at the Porsche Literature and Swap Meet March 3, at the Hilton Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport.

By this time, too, an exciting new exhibition on Porsche’s 70 years – The Porsche Effect – will have opened at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles (on February 3). If you are coming to LA for the Literature and Swap meet, add a day to see the Petersen show. You can stay abreast of opening times and days at their website, www.petersen.org or inquire at info@petersen.org.

Thanks for reading us!

Randy Leffingwell, Editor

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