2021: A Year in Review


The Biblical account of David and Goliath is a lesson of courage, faith, and overcoming a monumental feat that seems to be impossible. Reflecting back on 2021 as the year draws to a close, we can draw some similarities to the ages-old parable. 2021 marked a special year for Road Scholars as a company and as a team- it marked our 20th anniversary, and a year of exponential growth through a tremendous amount of hard work, solidarity, and commitment from our team. 

Our small team of just 25 people was faced with an extremely demanding travel schedule, complex logistical challenges, and extremely tight deadlines throughout the year, and at each and every occasion rose to the challenge and performed at their best, even though at times they seemed like insurmountable obstacles. It was truly a challenging year for everyone- at times driving us to the brink of madness and testing our limits mentally and physically. At each turn, the team persevered and evaluated our performance to be better equipped for the future. 

As always, we’re grateful for our devoted employees, friends, family, clients, and colleagues who share in our vision and dedication celebrate the legacies of the brilliant minds and the craftsmen who created these incredible machines through restoring, preserving, driving, and sharing the cars which hold such a special place in the history of the automobile. 

These are just a few of our favorite moments from the past year.

• Taking delivery of the Road Scholars 718 GT4 Clubsport and committing to compete at Pikes Peak for the next three years in the Yokohama Clubsport Trophy class. Shortly after taking delivery, we began collaborating with Wade Devers to design a unique livery. While simultaneously prepping the 1951 Split Window Coupe chassis 5511 for its first Concours debut since its completion, the restoration team dismantled, prepped, and painted on the livery by hand-masking the graphics and spraying the paint one color at a time. Just over a month later, Cam took 2nd in class on the mountain on the first outing and realized a lifelong dream to compete in motorsports.

• Hosting the first-ever RS Invitational with the Revs Institute at Road Atlanta and bringing together over 30 significant Porsche competition cars spanning the last six decades and their owners to drive the cars as they were intended, including one or more of each model of the highly successful fiberglass bodied “plastic” Porsches.

• Presenting the ’51 Split Window Coupe for the first time since its completion at the Amelia Island Concours, being awarded the Phil Hill Best New Restoration award and the Third place award by the Hagerty Youth Judges.

• Completing the meticulous restoration of the Ingram Collection Carrera GTS chassis 904-078, a class win at Pebble Beach for the second year in a row.

• Painting the 1963 Iso Grifo A3/L Prototype Bertone Coupe and it winning its class at Pebble.

• Participating in Luftgekühlt 7 with 550A-0142, 904-078 and the 964 3.8 RS while simultaneously participating in the Sportscar Together Festival with 935 and GT4 CS. Cam took top honors in the Time Attack class with the 935 and fourth with the GT4 Clubsport

• Piëch to Peak Bergpässe: our second 906 adventure through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado spanning 650 miles through the Rockies beginning in Aspen and ending in Tabernash with 5 906s and 1 910, with stops in four towns in 4 days.

• Hosting our third Four Cam Jam at Virginia International Raceway with the Revs Institute, bringing together four generations of competition cars including over 20 Porsche four-cam powered cars, modern GT cars, and a few non-Porsche cars. For hours on end, these amazing machines lapped the track with their owners behind the wheel experiencing all that the cars have to offer.

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