Editors Note – December 2018


There’s news. As you all likely know, Porsche introduced its next generation 911 – type-named the 992 – in Los Angeles on Wednesday, 28 November, at LA Automobilia, the Los Angeles auto show.  

The car has appeared in more spy photos than most celebrities fear have been made of them. What’s more, Porsche hosted it’s own “sneak peek” on Tuesday night the 27th at its Porsche Experience Center/LA and showed it in real time on its website.

But we wanted “fresh” eyes on the official launch and on the car. Fred Larimer is a great friend, new to Road Scholars Magazine readers, but familiar to many who – like he does – “cross over” into BMW territory. Fred is not a collector but a driver – of the M3s and M5s he has owned. However, as he confided, he’s always been a “closet” 911-lover. He also is a reserved, understated man, and his report for us, on the 992-debut at LA Automobilia reflects that. This story leads this issue.

Many of you may also know that Road Scholars founding partners have gone their separate ways. We revealed this first two weeks ago in our sister publication Road Scholars Insight. We are reproducing it here in case you missed it.

Our first story comes from regular contributor Sean Smith and introduces us to a 356 owner named Tom Miller with a love of climbing mountains. His story is entertaining; his car is wonderful!

Our second story reports on the second annual Driven to America event at the former home of Porsche’s very first, very best friend in America, Max Hoffman. RSM recent-arrival Andrew Miterko (you met him last month in his story on the Porsche heritage auction at PEC/Atlanta) takes us with him to New York for this recent visual treat.

The final story in this issue is proof that we never should count chickens before they hatch. There is one last (?) auction that occurs of interest to RSM readers. This occurs on 8 December and takes place at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, operated by RM/Sotheby’s, who had pretty good luck in Atlanta last month. A list of its Porsche offerings finishes this issue.

Last of all, we at Road Scholars wish you happy holidays, all of them, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. We’ll see you in January.

Thanks for reading us!

Randy Leffingwell

Editor: Road Scholars Magazine

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