Editors Note – December 2018

There’s news. As you all likely know, Porsche introduced its next generation 911 – type-named the 992 – in Los Angeles on Wednesday, 28 November, at LA Automobilia, the Los Angeles auto show.  The car has appeared in more spy photos than most celebrities fear have been made of them. What’s more, Porsche hosted…

Launch Date: 28 November 2018 – Los Angeles, California

There have been plenty of spy photos and a fair amount of printed information in the enthusiast magazines. Most of us pretty much knew what this new 911, better-known-as-the-992, looks like. Yet we were still buzzing about it, waiting to see it in-the-flesh. We may have been packed in tightly but we were not alone, what with some ringers in the front row named Webber, Haywood and Long.  

A Fork In The Road, The Journey Continues

After 15 years of building Road Scholars, Kevin and I have decided to move in new directions and have dissolved our partnership. I have some ambitious ideas for moving Road Scholars into a new era and Kevin has an exciting new endeavor that he’s pursuing. We have both realized our good fortune in our journey […]

A 356 on Mt. Equinox

Photographs by Sean Smith Tom Miller has been buying and selling cars since he was fifteen years old. He started with a few Mustangs, then a couple of pick-up trucks. After that he got himself a VW bug; this got him involved in small-bore, German engineered cars. From there he went through a whole bunch […]

Driven to America

The chilly pre-dawn air brought a mist that blanketed the great lawns of the De Seversky mansion in Long Island, New York. Through the dark, halogen-beam headlights shone their yellow-brown light across the sweeping driveway leading to the mansion, the unmistakable bass and clatter of nearly a hundred air-cooled engines playing the morning soundtrack.