Four Cam Jam 2022 (short film)


Our first Four Cam Jam began five years ago as a celebration of Porsche’s early competition history and focused specifically on the early Four-Cam equipped Carreras and Spyders. We figured the best way to celebrate that history was to tailor a track day dedicated to these machines, and to get their owners behind the wheel to drive them in the way they were intended.

In recent years, we’ve invited our clients to bring modern GT and competition cars in addition to their Four-Cam cars, and the event has evolved into a celebration of Porsche’s motorsport heritage old and new.

Last year, we held Four Cam Jam on the West Coast for the first time at the legendary Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca race track in Monterey, California. Our clients had plenty of open track time, as well as the opportunity to one on one coaching with Jeff Zwart, Gunnar Jeannette and The Ingram Experience We also installed a passenger seat in the Ingram Collection 935/19 as well as the Road Scholars/Peter Millar GT4 Clubsport for ride-alongs at speed.

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