Hill Country Rallye & Robins Rally


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Time to Drive

The initial thought was a 3,500 mile epic drive fest with 3 friends that spanned the greater part of the Southwest and California over a 9 day period encompassing 3 events in the process.  Not only put in the windshield time but do so as a Road Scholars ambassador, spreading the good word on what we are all about and slipping in some North Carolina Charm along the way.

Stage 1 Hill Country Rallye, TX

The 2019 HCR sold out in less than 6 mins. Yes, you had to be ready to click and commit at the exact moment the registration went live online. The Y.O Ranch played host again in Kerrville, Texas and what an incredible site to look out at a 100% full parking lot of over 200 pre 1989 air-cooled Porsches. I was returning after an incredible experience during the 2018 event. This event runs like clockwork and is one of the most well-organized events I have attended. The logistics are dialed and it’s a nod to the leadership and organization of the father-son Brindley duo, as well as the many volunteers dedicated to the event. Plenty of run groups based on desired pace and distance are available to all and the roads we travelled are some of the best the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Long days pushing backroads, cattle crossings, ranch views, yielding to livestock, Texas BBQ and laughing with likeminded people really makes for an incredible event. It’s a great way to launch the driving season.

Stage 2 Austin, TX to Los Angeles, CA

HCR veterans and Texas 911 cool kids Jed Rogers, Jim Bauer, and Niels Meissner joined me for the Rallye triple threat, and it was time after HCR to push for LA and the next Rallye. On the way back to Austin after HCR the clutch pedal on my 911 fell to the floor.  I called Jed who was right in front of me after a fun day watching Indy cars at COTA and said “Dude, Clutch pedal fell to the floor”!!! We pulled over in the Texas heat and called a flatbed. A broken pedal cluster linkage piece had me stalled. Many phone calls and trips to Lowes and we had the pedal cluster out and Jim welded in a replacement bolt to make it work. No one in North America had the factory G50 cluster part that was needed, but we needed to drive west and I had skilled guys at my disposal and so it was fixed along with Jim Bauer’s 911 pedal cluster which had a sticking accelerator during the HCR event and we were off. A highway push from Austin, TX to El Paso, TX where we touched the Mexico border. Then through New Mexico backroads and mountain passes above the snow line to Pine, AZ on day 2 and finally back down into the desert and LA Saturday evening.

Stage 3 Robins Rally, CA

The best rally you have never heard of. Robins Rally 9 launched right into the Malibu canyons after the Sunday am drivers’ meeting and continued for 3 days with some of the best roads California has to offer. A small group of peers all knew each other well, knew how to drive, and were comfortable with who they are personally and professionally. Follow this up with amazing weather and just an endless vibe of wanting to be there, having fun, and sharing this experience with the others in the group. It was one of the best driving experiences I have ever had. We had a great pace and enjoyed a long 1st day from LA up to Big Sur for some glamping. An early departure on day 2 took us to Monterey and then twisted back down through Morrow Bay and into Pismo Beach for the night. Day 3 started with ATV sessions in Pismo Dunes National Park, then more back roads down to LA and concluded at Bar Henry in Silverlake with an evening social. My take away from Robins Rally should be compared to that strong bond we make growing up after spending a week away at summer camp. You get so close in such a short period of time and want to continue the energy weeks after returning home. It was just the best.


There are many ways to enjoy our Porsches and this lifestyle we choose to be a part of. Collecting, restoring, concours, as well as the local cars and coffee. I urge you to simply drive. The feel of these in motion is amazing. Multiply this with a group of friends on some select roads and it can change your perspective on what is important and what is simply background noise. It may be a reason to add another car that is purely a driver or have the goal of doubling the odometer reading on your current Porsche. Every mile is an adventure and you’re earning that patina. Come see us in Durham and let’s get out for a drive.

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