Launch Date: 28 November 2018 – Los Angeles, California


Photos by Fred Larimer

There have been plenty of spy photos and a fair amount of printed information in the enthusiast magazines. Most of us pretty much knew what this new 911, better-known-as-the-992, looks like. Yet we were still buzzing about it, waiting to see it in-the-flesh. We may have been packed in tightly but we were not alone, what with some ringers in the front row named Webber, Haywood and Long.  

Above, Detlef von Platen; below, Olivier Blume.

After comments from Porsche AG’s Detlef von Platen, Executive Board member for Sales and Marketing, Olivier Blume, Porsche’s chairman of the Executive Board spoke to the importance of North America to the company and specifically the Southern California market with respect to brand awareness and sales. Behind them video screens displayed images of the California coastline and Porsches piloted by smiling people. In the spirit of driving, Blume then walked over to a 901 on the show platform and drove off, stage right.

The lighting changed. To the left, emerging from a cloud of smoke, came the new 911 – in Yellow, just like the PR release – and right behind it is a second 911 – in Blue! They drove on to turntables, amidst gasps, a round of applause, and a lightning storm of camera flashes. The cars slowly began revolving, revealing them from all sides.

Nice! I like the Racing Yellow color. This particular example is a Carrera 4S. The roof is black but is it painted or if it is some other material? Later, up-close, I can confirm it is indeed carbon fiber, and has no sunroof. In comparison, on the Gentian Blue car – also a Carrera 4S – the roof is body color.

We media-types can be a jaded bunch. But Porsche staff moved the stanchions and ropes, it was like a Black-Friday-doors-have-opened stampede, such was the rush to get close and see details. Good thing no one fell!

Walking around the cars, I like the revised headlight treatment – much more reminiscent of the earlier cars. The luggage compartment lid has the stepped center much like the early cars and for me the overall shape of this new 911 is still traditional and graceful. There is no way to mistake this for anything but a 911. The increased width and length of the car really isn’t noticeable. And probably won’t be until you park prior version(s) alongside.

The rear treatments are pleasing, and simple visually, but we can appreciate that the design team spent hours and months tweaking and refining the details for form and function. The blending of the rear spoiler to the shape of the car is nicely executed and reminds me of the 959’s rear deck/spoiler especially when it’s extended.

The interior is clean and tidy. The designers did a truly fine effort in cleaning things up. Everything you need is right there but doesn’t seem as “busy” as many of today’s cars with all sorts of whiz-bang features to distract. Yet we know the technology is all there. “Integrated” is the word for the interior look. Take a few moments to look about; the amenities are there, right at hand, and ready to use.

Would I have one? Darn tooting! Make mine Grand Prix White with the light Gray interior. Or maybe Kermit Green because, yeah, I always have liked that color. Of course, the French Blue is pretty nice too…

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