Piëch to Peak (short film)


Three years ago, after purchasing 906-110, one of our clients mentioned that he wanted to relive the car’s storied competition history by driving it from his home in Vail, Colorado, through the Continental Divide via Independence Pass and finishing in Aspen. Before long, we had three more great collectors who expressed their interest in purchasing a 906 of their own to participate in the trip, and Jeff Zwart who already had one of his own agreed to join. The cars were located, procured, and thoroughly serviced to make sure they were completely road worthy in just a few short months. With that- the first Piëch to Peak was born.

It sounded like a crazy idea then- and in some sense it still is- but it left a profound impression on both our clients and staff. We couldn’t have predicted it then, but it became the impetus for the 8 experiential driving events we have put on in the last two years.

2022 marked our third annual Piëch to Peak with four 906s and two 904s and their owners experiencing these fiberglass racer’s hillclimb prowess on some of Colorado’s best mountain passes. This year, we began in Aspen and made our way to Crested Butte and concluded at Telluride, covering over 300 miles through the mountain roads and incredible passes such as Independence Pass, Cottonwood Pass and the Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton.

Three 906s had already made the journey in previous Piëch to Peak trips; 906-109 piloted by Jeff Zwart, 906-127 driven by Fred and Annette Anderson, and 906-115 driven by Bob Denson. The remaining three cars were new additions to the trip; 904-108 was driven for the first time by Ed Anderson since taking ownership, the ex-werks 904/6 906-011 driven by Jas Dhillon, and 906-133 rounded out the group with Peter Kitchak at the wheel.

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the Peter Millar Essex quilted travel vest with the Piëch to Peak logo embroidered on the chest that was part of the participants’ welcome package- the vest is available in a number of colors through our partners at Peter Millar.

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