Power & Precision: the 1957 356A Carrera GT and 1960 356B Super 90 GT (short film)


Beginning in 1955, the 356 Carrera with Ernst Fuhrmann’s potent four-cam engine set the bar for performance in the model lineup. 356 Carrera models account for over 1,000 examples from the total 356 productions, earning Porsche numerous victories in competitions around the world.

356 Carrera GTs are rare and sought after by collectors and connoisseurs, but one factory-hotrod version of the 356 is much rarer and few ever come to market: the 356B Super 90 GT.

In this video, we stretched the legs of the 1957 Carrera GT chassis 100369 and 1960 Super 90 GT chassis 110856 on the country roads of North Carolina, where Cam and Steve discuss their experience behind the wheel as well as what makes these models standouts in the 356 world.

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