Preserving a Family Legacy: Glenn Jividen’s 356A 1600 Super


It can be easy to lose sight of why people dedicate so many hours and dollars to the restoration of a particular vehicle. For Dr. Glenn Jividen, a respected doctor and SCCA racer, it was to preserve his family legacy.

The 1958 356A 1600 Super pictured here in bare metal is the same car that his father purchased new while stationed in Libya and delivered through Max Hoffman’s New York City showroom and the same car that can be attributed to so many of his childhood memories with his father. It has remained in his family since new, and as conversations about restoring the car progressed, Dr. Jividen became enamored with the idea of taking delivery of the car as it rolled off the showroom- just like his father had decades earlier.

Recently, Dr. Jividen visited us in Durham, NC to see the car in person for the first time since the beginning of the restoration. Dr. Jividen shared his and his family’s personal ties to the car and why the restoration is so close to his heart with us.

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