RS Invitational 2021


“Automobiles are not just static blobs of the material past. They are kinetic. They are phenomenological. They are things that transcend time and space by their ability to move over the ground… To understand the automobile and all of its properties, you have to see the thing go- and it’s important to see original things go” -Miles Collier

The RS Invitational brought together over 30 significant Porsche competition cars spanning the six decades with their owners to experience the cars in a two-day event at the historic Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta road course in Braselton, Georgia. 

Six months of around-the-clock planning, 16 hour-long workdays, and many seven day work weeks had gone into making this momentous occasion a reality. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the Road Scholars and The Revs Institute staff, six decades of Porsche history was set in motion around the famed road course, with one or more example of each of Porsche’s fiberglass race cars on the track at the same time, along with a plethora of early aluminum racers and significant 911 models.

The RS Invitational celebrates not only the cars but the individuals who were the driving forces behind creating and making these incredible machines legendary as well as those who work so hard to preserve them today.

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