The 959- Sport vs Komfort


When Porsche debuted the 959 in 1986, it was quite easily the most technologically advanced car in the world. Its ride height and dampening suspension were electronically adjustable by knobs mounted in the center console.

It featured the first tire pressure monitoring system in a production car, and an electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system that would adjust torque output to the rear axle depending on the mode it was set in. Its engine was based on that of the Le Mans-winning 956 but featured a revolutionary sequential turbocharging system with valves controlled by the engine computer’s microprocessor that would regulate the transition from single to both turbochargers operation. Despite its original intent while being developed in 1983 was to compete in the Group B rally, the production car became the world’s fastest road-legal car, rivaled only by the Ferrari F40.

The 959 was offered in two configurations- the Komfort model which included all of the aforementioned features and made up the majority of the total 959 production, and the rare Sport model which was focused more on performance. The Sport models increased horsepower slightly to 508 horsepower and in turn allowed the Sport model to reach a slightly higher top speed. More importantly, the 959 Sport models featured fixed coilover suspension, tri-color grey cloth sport seats, Autoflug harnesses and a partially leather-wrapped roll cage with bolt-in sections which stiffened the chassis considerably. Only 29 examples were produced between 1987 and 1988.

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