The Restoration of the 1955 550 Spyder chassis 550-0073


The Ingram Collection 550 Spyder chassis 550-0073 is one of the 90 550 Spyders produced, and has just undergone a 5,000 plus man-hour restoration in an effort to make it the most faithful 550 Spyder restoration in existence.

The 550 was born as Porsche’s first clean-sheet production competition car, and it is no secret that these cars lived a hard life. They often sustained damage or were destroyed while being raced and many have been rebuilt and restored over the years. As was customary in the past, 550 Spyders were often over-restored with body filler and mirror-slick paintwork, in the process erasing virtually all of the original construction details that reflect their hand-built nature.

We had the privilege of studying in extreme detail the last 550 Spyder produced, 550-0090. Since it is the most original example in existence, it served as an invaluable resource to reference the original finishes, textures, and materials to base our restoration of 550-0073.

Our team put in long days, nights, weekdays and weekends to perfect every detail of 550-0073 in preparation for its debut on the lawn of the 71st Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It’s through their hard work and dedication that we are proud to say the restoration of 550-0073 is our best restoration to date and will serve as a reference point for future generations alongside of 550-0090.

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