The Road To Pikes Peak: Tire Testing at Road Atlanta


Our engine builder Simon Briggs has carved himself a niche as a Fuhrmann four-cam expert, and can typically be found hard at work meticulously breaking down and rebuilding the notoriously complex engines.

Simon’s proclivity for engineering- both in mechanical and technological disciplines- led him to take charge of handling and analyzing the data for the Road Scholars GT4 Clubsport. We took advantage of the open track time during the RS Invitational to gain critical data and to optimize the car’s setup in preparation for the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

Since the Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy class by Yokohama has made the Advan A052 the required tire, after every session, Simon kept a close eye on tire degradation, documenting each tire with photos and its location, and logged key temperatures- tire temp and pressure, ambient and track temps. Simon monitored and analyzed data from three points in every corner, including maintenance throttle out of braking.

Between the two days of track time, we racked up 432 miles and a ton of baseline data to help fine-tune the GT4 Clubsport leading up to Pikes Peak in June.

In this video, Cam and Simon give an update on our journey to the peak, and speaks about some of his findings from our tire testing session at Road Atlanta.

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