The Power of Bring a Trailer – 42 Listing and Over $21 Million in Sales!

In June of 2023, Road Scholars and Bond Group USA collaborated to launch a group of fully-vetted, collector grade Porsche models to celebrate the marque’s 75th anniversary on Bring a Trailer’s online auction platform under the name Gruppe-P. While many scoffed and felt that it was a risky proposition, we believed that the sheer optics […]

F.A.T. International Ice Race Aspen recap

In early February, the famed F.A.T. International Ice Race came to the United States for the first time, and we were fortunate to be a part of this exciting event. Fresh snow, an incredible fleet of cars, and even better company all made this event one for the history books. Road Scholars and the Ingram […]

Rennsport Reunion 7 Recap

For four days, the Porsche community descended on Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California to celebrate Porsche’s illustrious racing history with the people and machines that solidified the marque as one of the best sports car manufacturers of all time. Record numbers of attendees flocked to the legendary track, making the infield a living, […]

Rennsport Reunion VII prep with the Ingram Collection Carrera 6 906E chassis 906-158

In the world of Concours restorations, few cars go straight from “grass racing” on the show field directly to the racetrack. This year, we brought out two of the Ingram Collection’s fiberglass prototype Porsches restored to compete at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to compete at Rennsport Reunion 7, including our most recently completed Concours restoration, […]

The Giant Killers

While most automotive designers of the era were focused on creating slippery body shapes in order to cheat wind resistance, 22-year-old German-born engineer Michael May believed there was great potential to harness the air flowing around the car to channel horsepower to the ground more effectively, simultaneously improving handling characteristics in corners and adding stability […]

Four Cam Jam 2022 (short film)

Our first Four Cam Jam began five years ago as a celebration of Porsche’s early competition history and focused specifically on the early Four-Cam equipped Carreras and Spyders. We figured the best way to celebrate that history was to tailor a track day dedicated to these machines, and to get their owners behind the wheel […]

Power & Precision: the 1957 356A Carrera GT and 1960 356B Super 90 GT (short film)

Beginning in 1955, the 356 Carrera with Ernst Fuhrmann’s potent four-cam engine set the bar for performance in the model lineup. 356 Carrera models account for over 1,000 examples from the total 356 productions, earning Porsche numerous victories in competitions around the world. 356 Carrera GTs are rare and sought after by collectors and connoisseurs, […]

Piëch to Peak (short film)

Three years ago, after purchasing 906-110, one of our clients mentioned that he wanted to relive the car’s storied competition history by driving it from his home in Vail, Colorado, through the Continental Divide via Independence Pass and finishing in Aspen. Before long, we had three more great collectors who expressed their interest in purchasing […]

Team Falken Tire’s Trio of 997-Generation Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs

Between 2009 and 2015, Team Falken Tire competed in the American Le Mans series and later the IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship in the GT class as privateers, competing against much larger and more established teams. In their first four years competing with the 997-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RSR platform, Team Falken Tire entered 45 […]

1951 Porsche 356 Split-Windshield Coupe Chassis 5511

Without question, the 356 Split-Windshield coupes are an integral milestone in Porsche’s history and are arguably one of the most beautifully styled examples of the 356 models. The production cars made in Stuttgart prior to March 1952 were distinguished by having a two-piece windshield. In early March 1951, the 4-digit chassis numbering convention Karosseriewerk Reutter […]

Race to the Clouds: RS at the 100th running of the Pikes Peak Hillclimb

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb is the second oldest motorsports event in the Western Hemisphere and is easily among the most challenging and intimidating races in motorsports history. Earlier this year, we competed in a huge milestone in the race’s history: the 100th running of the Hillclimb. Beginning at the 7th mile of the Pikes […]

RS, RSR & GT2- The pinnacle of 993 performance

We brought out three of the highest-performing and most capable 993 variants to compare and contrast. From the track-focused Carrera RS Clubsport to the purpose-built GT2, each of these 993-generation 911 models represents the pinnacle of performance from Porsche’s Motorsports Department in the mid-1990s.

Road Scholars European Grand Tour (short film)

Almost immediately after taking an unexpected First in Class award at the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este with the Ingram Collection 1961 356B Carrera Abarth GTL chassis 1008 and becoming one of two restoration companies to have achieved the “Triple Crown” in the Concours world, we embarked on our first ever driving event with six […]

The Restoration of the 1955 550 Spyder chassis 550-0073

The Ingram Collection 550 Spyder chassis 550-0073 is one of the 90 550 Spyders produced, and has just undergone a 5,000 plus man-hour restoration in an effort to make it the most faithful 550 Spyder restoration in existence. The 550 was born as Porsche’s first clean-sheet production competition car, and it is no secret that […]

RS Invitational 2022

Back in 2020, while attending the 23rd running of Petit Le Mans, the idea for the RS Invitational was born while sitting at lunch in the Podium Club of the newly constructed Michelin Tower. That idea was to encourage collectors of all driving abilities to take their historic Porsche models- many of which would rarely […]

RS Invitational rain delay discussion panel

You can’t control the weather, but you can turn gloomy skies and a rain delay into an impromptu discussion panel while waiting for the rain to subside. We did exactly that during the second day of our RS Invitational driving event at the historic Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta race track. Our panel consisted of Dieter […]

Amelia Island Concours Recap

With such a strong field of cars in the Aluminum Porsche race car class, we were pleasantly surprised when the judges instructed us to stay close to the cars. When they later came around and placed the Best in Class ribbon beneath the windshield wiper, we were overwhelmed with joy. The Ingram Collection 356B Abarth […]

The RS That Never Was: The G-Body 911 Carrera Club Sport

By the late 1980s, the 911 had grown heavy and soft. Power windows and seats, powered sunroofs, more powerful audio systems with multiple speakers, extra sound deadening, climate control- all items that made the 911 Carrera substantially more luxurious, but at the cost of the agility and visceral driving experience that had made the 911 […]

Critical Stages of a full Concours-level restoration- 1964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet 160790

One of the many critical stages of a full Concours-level restoration is the disassembly phase. The pre-purchase inspection is key to gain a sense of the car’s overall condition, history and level of authenticity/originality, but the disassembly phase allows us to inspect each part in detail, assess its condition and begin forming a plan before […]

Four Cam Jam trailer

Our third Four Cam Jam in partnership with the Revs Institute is officially in the books. Four generations of competition cars- over 20 Porsche four-cam cars, modern GT cars, and a few special non-Porsche cars- came together to celebrate these incredible automobiles and their histories on the racetrack. For hours on end, these amazing machines […]

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

From racing to panel discussions to a street festival, there was a bit of everything to enjoy throughout the three-day event. Sunday’s Concours D’Elegance featured an incredibly diverse grouping of automobiles arranged throughout the streets of downtown Chattanooga’s West Village. The Ingram Collection 904-078 and 356A GS were awarded top honors in the 356 class. […]

The Ingram Collection 904 Carrera GTS at Monterey Car week

In the pitch black of the wee hours of the morning, the stillness was disrupted by the 904’s engine roaring to life. The ruckus from the Sebring exhaust seemed to resonate for miles and certainly served as an early alarm clock to the residents of 17 Mile Drive. It was just after 3 am on […]

Restoration team interview on 904-078

The restoration of 904-078 is the culmination of over 3,000 man-hours of restoration work and countless hours of research. The decision was made early on to restore 904-078 to its exact specifications as when it claimed a first in class victory and fifth place overall finish at the 12 Hours of Reims on July 5th, […]

Preserving a Family Legacy: Glenn Jividen’s 356A 1600 Super

It can be easy to lose sight of why people dedicate so many hours and dollars to the restoration of a particular vehicle. For Dr. Glenn Jividen, a respected doctor and SCCA racer, it was to preserve his family legacy. The 1958 356A 1600 Super pictured here in bare metal is the same car that […]

From Gmünd to “Giant Killers”- Early Porsches with Cam Ingram & Steve Serio

Cam Ingram and Steve Serio have been hunting down many of the early and elusive aluminum-bodied Porsche competition models, including the “Giant Killer” Spyder models. It’s a rare occasion to have more than one of these special cars together under the same roof, so Steve flew down to our campus in Durham, North Carolina this […]

The Road To Pikes Peak: The Race to the Clouds

It’s an incredibly difficult task to attempt to describe the intensity of emotion on race day at Pikes Peak, let alone whittle down the 4,000+ images taken at the starting line to just a handful to support those words. The mountain has gravity and a power that can be felt as soon as you reach […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled: Gunnar Jeannette

In 2000, Gunnar Jeannette made his ALMS debut in both the Prototype and GT classes and claimed six top-ten finishes. That same year became the youngest driver to complete the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the age of 18. Since then, he’s competed in the U.S. and Europe with the factory Panoz and Ford […]

The Road To Pikes Peak: Painting the GT4 Clubsport’s livery

When it came time to begin designing the livery for the Road Scholars Cayman GT4, we once again enlisted the creative services of Wade Devers, whose work you may be familiar with from the Ingram Collection 935 that Jeff Zwart piloted to the summit of Pikes Peak last year. After a month or two of exchanging ideas, we […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled: Grant Larson

“Every time we do a car, we break it down into three phases, starting with architecture which is the proportions of the car and its visual message, the styling or design look, and finally the details, “the small things that make a Porsche a Porsche.” Grant joined Porsche in 1989, a period where the company […]

RS Invitational 2021

“Automobiles are not just static blobs of the material past. They are kinetic. They are phenomenological. They are things that transcend time and space by their ability to move over the ground… To understand the automobile and all of its properties, you have to see the thing go- and it’s important to see original things […]

The 930: Porsche’s First Supercar

The 930 came into existence in perhaps one of the worst possible time periods for an auto manufacturer to debut its first supercar, yet the 911 Turbo that was still in its infancy became one of the most impactful models in the 911 lineup and one that continues to set performance standards year after year.  […]

The Road To Pikes Peak: Tire Testing at Road Atlanta

Our engine builder Simon Briggs has carved himself a niche as a Fuhrmann four-cam expert, and can typically be found hard at work meticulously breaking down and rebuilding the notoriously complex engines. Simon’s proclivity for engineering- both in mechanical and technological disciplines- led him to take charge of handling and analyzing the data for the […]

From motorsports to the motorway: The Fuhrmann four-cam engine and the 356 Carrera

Ernst Fuhrmann was one of Ferry Porsche’s first post-war employees and is largely responsible for the beginning of Porsche’s dominance in motorsports in the early 1950s. His brilliant mechanical mind led him to produce one of the most complex but potent engines in Porsche’s history, and one that eventually made its way into 356 road […]

From the parts bin to the world rally stage: the 1984 Porsche 911 SC/RS Rothmans

Cross compatibility of Porsche’s components have led to some of the most successful and memorable Porsche models in their history. Further development of existing components and the ability to selectively incorporate proven components from competition models into a road car chassis has allowed for purpose-built “parts bin” models like the type 954 SC/RS to come […]

The Road to Pikes Peak: Road Scholars 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport delivery

We pulled into the monochromatic valley of light grey concrete, punctuated only by the white doors and green numbers of the loading bay doors and the white trucks neatly arranged in the vicinity. Aside from the idling of one of the trucks, and the regular passing of low flying planes into the nearby Atlanta-Hartsfield airport, […]

A Rennen Retreat- 911R & Sports-Purpose 911 drive

Piëch to Peak had left us with a lingering buzz of adrenaline months after its conclusion. Of course, it wasn’t long before the participants began asking “What’s next?”. We began to brainstorm the possibilities of a driving experience here on the East Coast. It was quickly made apparent that Covid made having a group of […]

Disconnect to Connect – Road Scholars in Boston

Immediately following Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta and in the midst of planning the Sport Purpose/911R driving event, Cam and Tim’s services were requested in Boston, Massachusetts. Autumn was in full swing up in New England and the yellow, oranges, and reds of the foliage were approaching their peak. It seemed like a great […]

Special Delivery: 904-085

We recently had the pleasure of making a special delivery. For the last 15 years, 904-085 has been off the radar in a private collection and we are thrilled that our good friend and client Todd Blue has become its new owner and caretaker. Chassis 904-085 makes a fine addition to an already breathtaking collection […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled: Deep Tracks with Patrick Long

Even by the early age of 17, Patrick Long’s talents as a driver were undeniable and had caught the attention of competitors and prospective race teams alike. A long list of victories in kart racing in the US and Europe could already be associated with his name, and he quickly set himself apart in 1998 […]

Piëch to Peak: 300 Miles Through the Rockies

Independence Pass is the second highest crossing of the Continental Divide in the United States at an altitude of 12,095 feet, and twists its way through the mountains in a series of switchbacks, hairpins, long sweeping turns, and various elevations and grades. Round trip, it is some 300 miles and approximately four hours worth of […]

The Unsung Hero: 924 GTS Clubsport

It might not typically be the first model that comes to mind when it comes to Porsche’s motorsport lineage, but the 924 proved to be a serious competitor in multiple classes once engineers were tasked with massaging Porsche’s first front-engined, water-cooled offering to be ready for competition. The 924 homologation examples were particularly exciting, although […]

#935PikesPeak (Official Video)

9:43:92. It was Jeff Zwart’s fastest time up the mountain to date, the first time competing in a PDK car, and his first time returning to competition the mountain after a five year hiatus. It was also the first time a 935-19 was campaigned in a hill climb race, and with Jeff’s driving abilities and […]

Artisans of Craft – Peter Millar

Peter Millar is based in our home state of North Carolina and has set themselves apart in the world of menswear through their dedication to superior craftsmanship. Recently, the team at Peter Millar reached out to feature Road Scholars in a project called “Artisans of Craft”. In this series, they chronicle craftsmen who have earned […]

Rare Air – 356SC Lightweights

The SC lightweight was an evolution of the Super 90 GTs and 356B Carrera GT coupes that had been produced in years prior to be competition ready road cars. A total of four 356 SCs were configured with GT options from the factory by owners who wanted specific competition options. By configuring the cars with […]

Piëch to Peak – Trailer Part II

Approximately four months ago, our good friend and client Ed Anderson became the new owner and caretaker of 906-110. In conversation he mentioned that he wanted to drive the car from his home in Vail, Colorado to Aspen and back through Independence Pass.  Independence Pass is the second highest crossing of the Continental Divide in […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled – Deep Tracks with Jeff Zwart

Jeff Zwart is nothing short of a modern day renaissance man. He’s shot numerous campaigns throughout his career as both a photographer and as a cinematographer, and has earned himself a spot in the record books at Pikes Peak as a Hall of Famer with 8 time class winner. Jeff took some time from his […]

Piëch to Peak – Trailer

Just days after Pikes Peak, we gathered some of our closest friends and clients for the road trip of a lifetime.  Together, we took the last of Porsche’s road-legal race cars and the first of Ferdinand Piëch’s ultra-lightweight, competition dominating cars for a two-day drive through 260 miles of scenic, winding mountain roads in the […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled – Deep Tracks with Marco Holzer

For the last twelve years, Marco has been focused on sports car racing after graduating from karting and Formula 3, and has been competing behind the wheel for much of his racing career. In 2008, he finished fifth in the extremely competitive Porsche Carrera Cup Germany and was signed to Porsche as a Junior works […]

Jeff Zwart’s Testing Recap @ Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Jeff Zwart joins us for another recap. Over the last few weeks, Jeff Zwart has been testing and fine tuning the chassis dynamics of The Ingram Collection/Road Scholars 935. Jeff has once again teamed up with Joey Seely of E-motion Engineering to handle the suspension geometry and tuning. The two worked together in 2015 on […]

Homologation Shop Tour

Cam Ingram went live on Instagram to take us on a shop tour featuring four legendary, homologation 911s. 1967 911R This is 003R, one of just 19 911Rs produced in addition to the 4 early test cars. It’s one of three cars that made the BP 1967 Monza World Record and was campaigned by the […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled – Deep Tracks with Bill Warner

Every year for the last 25 years, on a small barrier island at the northernmost corner of the sunshine state, the soothing sound of crashing waves from miles of coastline and the rustling of fan palms is replaced with the sounds of engines rumbling from every imaginable era of the automobile. Thousands of the world’s […]

Speedster Evolution

From the first generation Speedster to the most recent, the spirit of the model is the same as when Max Hoffman proposed the idea to his friend Ferry Porsche – a simpler, racier, open-top sports car for purists to enjoy on winding coastal roads.

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled – Deep Tracks with Brian Redman

Brian Redman’s remarkable racing career took place during one of the most exciting and truly treacherous periods in motorsport. It was an era where the cars were built with speed as the primary consideration and the sheer danger of every race was something drivers and teams alike had to push to the back of their […]

#935PikesPeak – Zwart’s testing recap

Over the last few weeks, Jeff Zwart has been testing and fine tuning the chassis dynamics of The Ingram Collection/Road Scholars 935. Jeff has once again teamed up with Joey Seely of E-motion Engineering to handle the suspension geometry and tuning. The two worked together in 2015 on the twin-turbocharged GT3 Cup car that Jeff […]

Junior Tractor – The Porsche Story You May Not Know About

Say the name “Porsche” to anyone, and the 911 is guaranteed to be the first image that comes to mind. For the more devout Porsche enthusiasts, it’ll bring to mind 356s or any number of Porsches triumphant race cars.  What the name “Porsche” will almost certainly not bring to mind are farm tractors. It’s indeed […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled – Deep Tracks with Peter Stevens

Peter Stevens is one of the world’s most well-known and respected automobile designers. Over the course of his career, he’s regarded within the industry as an incredibly versatile car stylist and designer, with road cars spanning the gamut from humble economy cars and trucks to some of the most revered supercars ever made. He was […]

The Bad Boys 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6

Perhaps one of the most famous movie cars of all time, the 964 911 Turbo 3.6 was catapulted into the spotlight at the opening scene of the cult-classic Bad Boys film. The film was Michael Bay’s directorial debut. As it turns out, he is a car guy who has used vehicles from his personal collection […]

After Hours Walkthrough

At any given time, our showroom and workshop are bound to have a few special cars residing inside them.  Recently, it has begun to resemble the starting grid of a Le Mans Classic race. Not just one, but two time capsule 550s side by side is an arresting sight, especially when they are flanked by […]

Evolving the 911 Design – Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled Deep Tracks with Tony Hatter

Tony Hatter’s career at Porsche has spanned nearly 35 years, and to this day has been involved in some of the most formative projects in Porsche’s history.  Tony’s passion for automobiles is a familiar story. As a child in Northern England, he collected Dinky toys and Korgi die-cast miniature cars and would peruse the new […]

Targa Tale

Throughout the entirety of its evolution, the silhouette of the 911 has remained an unmistakable shape in automotive design. From the initial development stages of the Typ 754 (a prototype for the successor to the 356 that laid the foundation for the shape of the 901) to the initial production 901/911, there was always the […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled – Deep Tracks with Bobby Rahal

Bobby Rahal is the second of three generations of racing drivers. His 18 year motorsport career includes noteworthy competition in multiple disciplines including Formula 1, Can Am, CART, Le Mans and IMSA. He is a 3-time CART champion who has also claimed victories at the 1981 24 hours of Daytona and 1987 12 hours of […]

The 906 and Piëch’s lightweight revolution

Throughout the 1950s and the early 1960s, Porsche had proven themselves to be a dominant force in racing. With the 904, they had dominated the under-two-liter GT class. The 904 had sparked a massive change from the race cars that had preceded it, foregoing the typical sheet metal bodies for a  box-section ladder frame with […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled with Special Guest John Oates

At the same time Hall & Oates were approaching the peak of fame in the mid 1980s, John Oates had a burgeoning racing career that had landed him a position with Pontiac in the Fiero GTU. When John got tangled up in a three-car crash during the running of the Lowenbrau Camel GT 500-mile race, […]

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled: After show interview with Stéphane Ortelli

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus came widespread cancellation and postponement of automotive events and gatherings throughout the world, along with the recommendation to keep distance between one another. It’s a challenging time for many indeed, and staying in touch with one another is paramount to maintaining one’s sanity.

5 Minute Synopsis: The $60,000 X85 Option

Before Porsche ended production of the 964 Turbo in late 1993, a batch of 93 964 Turbos were sent off to Porsche’s Exclusive department to be upgraded to “S” specification. 76 were delivered worldwide with the distinguished flattened front end which pays homage to the legendary 935; ten X83 units were sent to Japan, 39 […]

One Highly Original 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster

“It’s one of those finds that you can not replicate. It is exactly how it was and is a real look into what driving an original, unrestored, of the minute 1956 Speedster was like.” It is a rare occurrence for low-mileage, extremely original cars like this 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster to come to the market. […]

Lost & Found in Düsseldorf Part II | 1958 Porsche 550A Spyder

After being discovered in a clandestine garage in Düsseldorf, Germany, this two-time Le Mans competitor comes to Road Scholars to be united with its new owner. In this video, Cam Ingram shares the story of chassis 0142, from inspection to sharing the 550A with its newest caretaker for the first time. 

Four Cam Jam 2019

Late last year, we hosted an event at Virginia International Raceway which included over 15 Porsches with Fuhrmann-designed four-cam engines. Noted collectors and industry personalities hailing from all over the country joined us.

Jeff Zwart’s #935PikesPeak Announcement

Jeff Zwart, eight-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb champion, joined Jacky on the podium. Jeff announced his upcoming run at Pikes Peak in a new Porsche 935, sponsored by Road Scholars and the Ingram Collection. Road Scholars will be at the Peak to watch Jeff make this historic run.

Road Scholars x Otto Car Club – Scottsdale Event Recap

During the Scottsdale auction week, we teamed up with Otto Car Club for an exclusive event with some of our closest friends and clients. Cocktails were accompanied by great conversation. “Should I drive my ’89 Club Sport”, “What does the future look like for our industry”, “Bizzarrini or Ferrari?”. These were just a few questions […]

A Tale of Two Turbos (Video)

Road Scholars restoration specialist talks about the two very special ’75 Turbos he completed restoring this year.

Hill Country Rallye & Robins Rally

The initial thought was a 3,500 mile epic drive fest with 3 friends that spanned the greater part of the Southwest and California over a 9 day period encompassing 3 events in the process.  Not only put in the windshield time but do so as a Road Scholars ambassador, spreading the good word on what we are all about and slipping in some North Carolina Charm along the way.

Pushing North Event at VIR North Course (Video)

Earlier this month Road Scholars hosted the “Pushing North” event, an all-day on-track experience at Virginia International Raceway with some of our VIP clients. To accompany us we had pro-driver Mike Skeen on hand to offer insight and instruction on the best lines. The video below offers a glimpse into the day’s events.

The 964 America Roadster takes Charles back! (Video)

Meet our Marketing Director and the newest member of Road Scholars, Charles Stanley! Charles is passionate about all things Porsche, so we put him behind the wheel of our latest arrival the 964 America Roadster and here are his thoughts!